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Established in 1994 by Louis Trapani, Art Trap Productions has been on the forefront of incorporating art, design, and media with emerging technologies. Encompassing traditional artwork and media with current cutting edge technologies to create everything from web design to independent movies, photography, and now new media such as audio and video podcasting.

Art Trap Productions has spearheaded using art and technology in an interactive way on the internet going back to the mid 1990s. From the interactive Serendipity palace (using The Palace server software) creating a virtual environment for people to come together on the net, to more straight forward information and community based websites and services. In addition to the more traditional graphic services ranging from photography, illustration, logo and graphic designs, media production, and more.

Today, with a focus in new media, producing shows such as Doctor Who: Podshock, Hitchhiker's Guide to British Sci-Fi, and The Sonic Newsdriver with other shows in development, Art Trap Productions finds itself forging ahead in the new media landscape of today and tomorrow.

You can be a part of it by advertising on or being a sponsor to the shows we produce, you too can have a voice in where media is today and where it is going.

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© 2011 Louis Trapani arttrap.comHow today is shaping up for me.The first episode of Star Trek aired 45 years ago today (September 8, 1966), titled ‘The Man Trap’ on NBC. It was not the first episode made, nor was it a pilot episode, but the suits at NBC wanted a “monster” and this is that monster, a salt-sucking creature, the last of its kind. This was taken with the original iPhone in 2008 in Las Vegas just a couple weeks before they closed ‘The Star Trek Experience’

© 2011 Louis Trapani

My personal thoughts on the 45th anniversary in my blog post here:© 2011 Louis Trapani

"New Media Meets Science Fiction and Technology"

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