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A View from the Stage

By Louis Trapani - Posted on 01 September 2009

A View from the Stage

A stage view of Doctor Who: Podshock recording Episode 141 on stage in front an audience at Gallifrey 20 (February 2009). This is from the early on in the show while interviewing Phil Colinson. Thanks to all those that made it to this Sunday morning recording.

(Photo courtesy Billy Davis)

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© 2011 Louis Trapani arttrap.comHow today is shaping up for me.The first episode of Star Trek aired 45 years ago today (September 8, 1966), titled ‘The Man Trap’ on NBC. It was not the first episode made, nor was it a pilot episode, but the suits at NBC wanted a “monster” and this is that monster, a salt-sucking creature, the last of its kind. This was taken with the original iPhone in 2008 in Las Vegas just a couple weeks before they closed ‘The Star Trek Experience’

© 2011 Louis Trapani

My personal thoughts on the 45th anniversary in my blog post here:© 2011 Louis Trapani

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